AKA: Graeme Hawkins
Age: 30
Special Powers: Animation, projection mapping, unusual animation techniques, abstract, glitchy visuals.
Current Project: Refining the kite mapping for upcoming Esperi gigs.
Personal Stuff: www.retchy.com


'Down and Up' by The Yellow Bentines


Garry's music vid for 'Down and Up' by The Yellow Bentines, featuring animated dreadlocks, masterful photoshopping skillz and some pretty damn funky music. Check out more films below...

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All original artwork
© Graeme Hawkins and Garry Whitton 2010

AKA: Garry Whitton
Age: 31
Special Powers: Animation, insane cartoons, mixing up styles, bold dynamic action.
Current Project: Learning some game programming so he can make swirly things happen at the touch of a button!
Personal Stuff:
nasty showreel

interactive showreel